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Home Maintenance Tracker is now powered by HomeSpot HQ and all their great features.


Energy Efficiency

Keeping appliances operating at an optimal efficiency helps save energy and money. Also, track service costs and utility bills. Graph the data and average utility costs.



Learn to perform tasks yourself through the maintenance library. Fewer service calls can result in a lot of savings.


Be Proactive

By regularly performing the tasks from the calendar you’ll help reduce the chances of costly repairs. You can also add your own custom tasks on top of the recommended checklist to bring home management to another level.


Maintenance Calendar

Never forget to service your appliances again. Helpful reminders based on a recommended schedule will assist you to manage tasks.



Our home maintenance features will always be free. Period.


Safe and Secure

You won’t be asked for any sensitive information and we protect the information you do give. View our safety certificate at the bottom of the page for added comfort.


Community Supported

Help and feedback is always appreciated from the community-whether it is helping each other or helping to improve this website. Questions and comments can be sent directly to us using the contact page. Please don’t hestitate to share your thoughts.

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