How To Prepare Your House For Fall

It’s football season and that means fall is upon us. Leaves are gently falling, the weather is turning cool, and the outdoors is turning beautiful warm shades of gold, yellow, amber and rust. Before the weather grasps us with a blustery chill, it’s time to prepare the house for the season.

This “How To” guide is separated into two parts that includes preparing the inside and the outside of your home for fall.

fall home maintenanceOutside:

Preparing the outside of your home for fall is generally the best place to start. The weather may be cool and breezy but it has not yet turned into a chilly, wind howling, bone chiller. A wise person (or those of us that shiver when temperatures are below 80 degrees) will save the inside of the house for the brisk weather.

  • Clean out the gutters to remove debris and leaves.
  • Check the sidewalks and driveway for cracks. If they are not filled in now, before the coldest weather strikes, water may seep into the cracks and freeze. Those new and larger cracks could become a larger problem to deal with later.
  • Trim shrubs, trees, and begin your compost pile.
  • Put covers over or store outdoor patio furniture. Doing so will extend the life of the furniture.
  • Bring in fragile outdoor plants and prepare your greenhouse, if you have one.
  • Drain and winterize outdoor faucets. Put away any unneeded water hoses and portable sprinklers.
  • Check all outdoor lighting and bulbs. Less daylight calls for more (and earlier) artificial illumination.


With the outside of your house ready for a frosty future, it’s time to prepare the inside of your home for fall. Preparing the inside of your home is much more enjoyable when done next to a cozy, crackling fireplace.

  • Prepare your fireplace. Does it need cleaning or do you simply need to stock it with firewood?
  • Begin stocking your firewood for winter.
  • Weather strip and caulk windows and doors to prevent the outdoor chilly air from sending you into hibernation.
  • Check all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors and replace the batteries.
  • Change the air filters and schedule any yearly maintenance on your heater.
  • Prepare a shoe storage area just inside of the most used door in the house. This will prevent the family from bringing the outdoors, indoors.  Leaves, snow, rain, mud, and dirt will all stay where it belongs if you implement a “no shoes” policy.
  • Add to your bedding with warmer blankets, duvets, or sheets.
  • Place warm throws on couches and chairs to keep family and guests comfy.
  • Clean the inside and outside of the windows. You may lack motivation later when the temperature drops.
  • Replace all summer fragrances such as candles and oils with warmer, spicier flavors.
  • Stock your pantry with plenty of spices, soups, coffee, and goodies that you will crave as the temperature begins to fall.
  • Begin weeding out summer clothes in the closet and replacing them with cozier clothes.
  • Change the direction of all of your ceiling fans to give your thermostat and your heating unit a break. This will give your wallet some much-needed rest too.
  • And for the most enjoyable part of all:  in with the vibrant fall décor such as that beautiful fall wreath to adorn the front door!

Now that your home looks and smells beautiful, you can sit back and curl up with an enchanting book and a warm cup of cocoa and enjoy the season!

We would love to hear your ideas for preparing your home for fall.


Author: Monica Beall, President of Maid To Sparkle house cleaning services.


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