A Collection of Bathroom Cleaning Ideas and Easy Tips

If you are having issues with germs and overall grime in your bathroom, then you will need to prepare yourself for what comes ahead. To do that, however, you will need a few things first, so let’s get started:

bathroom cleaning tips and ideasCleaning the shower

You can start by taking everything from the top and going downwards in your cleaning work. You can begin by pouring some white vinegar into a plastic grocery bag to break down any caulk on the showerhead nozzle. Remove the nozzle from the bag of vinegar in the morning and rinse it. You can give the shower curtains and your liners a quick spin in the washing machine alongside regular detergent and a few towels and these will get rid of the mildew and soap scum on the curtains when combined with some vinegar in the spin cycle. Hang them up to dry and use a paste of white vinegar and baking soda for the shower doors if you feel like it. Let that sit out for about an hour and then rub it with a nice microfiber cloth for better results. Tubs will be less of a problem, such as scrubbing them once a week for great results. If you want them to look good you should fill it up with water, and then drain it.


You can work on this by dipping a grout brush in some bleach and scrubbing any areas in your bathroom with discoloration. Rinse them well and be sure to work on ventilating the room after cleaning. Grout is porous and easily prone to bacterial infestations, so this will give you the edge you need.

Ceilings, walls, and tiles

You can work on cleaning these fairly easily by using an all purpose cleaner to spray them and turn on the shower, boosting the hot water to the max so you can have steam for about five minutes or so. Turn off the water after that, and then shut the door and let the cleaner and steam work together for about 20 minutes or so. Once that is done you can wipe all surfaces. Use a microfiber mop for any hard to reach spots and you’ll be done in no time.

Cleaning the toilet

Start by pouring a big cup of baking soda right into the bowl. Let that sit out for a few minutes and then brush the whole bowl and flush it. If you are still seeing spots, then maybe you need to work on cleaning a bit more, so use a damp pumice stone to get rid of any mineral deposit stains

and lime scale. Pumice stones will be gentle enough not to damage the surface, but hard enough to deal with the lime scale deposits in a safe way. Use that during your cleaning and you will be done in no time. There will be no reason to worry about anything as long as you use this as part of the job.

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