8 Simple Summer Cleaning Tips

Summer. The word is usually associated with long days, vacations and fun times at the beach – activities that are almost in conflict with other activities like house maintenance and cleaning… Yet, your home still needs special attention and treatment to look good. Following these simple summer cleaning tips, you won’t find yourself challenged by a household task in the middle of a day meant for a pool party. Nobody wants this.

Freshen your medicine cabinet

Starting with your medicine cabinet ensures that you won’t miss or forget it afterward. Any expired cosmetics or medicines should be tossed out – learn your local regulations and instructions on medications disposal and carefully deal with the expired products. Now that you have more free space in the cabinet, place your summer stuff there – sun lotions, allergy pills, insect repellents and etc.

Make your door a dirt borderline

We are usually responsible for the most of the dirt that enters our homes, so we are also responsible for reducing it. Placing a rubber floor mat with a non-slippery surface is your best option for the summer season as they are easier for maintaining and cleaning. This way, you protect your carpets, rugs and floors from dust and dirt that otherwise you would have brought inside.

summer cleaning tipsFlip your mattress

It is suggested to have your mattress flipped and cleaned two times per year – one time in summer and one time in winter. To keep your mattresses away from dust and mites, you should flip and clean them regularly – install the soft brush extension of the vacuum cleaner and hover the top of the mattress. Move the mattress aside and vacuum the area underneath it, then flip the mattress and vacuum the other side.

Tackle fingerprints and keep sweaty hands away from appliances

If your efforts of keeping your kids’ fingerprints off the fridge have failed, a citrus-based polisher will remove any signs of them. It not only removes the fingerprints but leaves the surface a bit oily which helps avoid future spots and marks.

Prepare your gutters for summer thunderstorms

Summer months are usually a slow time for the domestic maintenance and cleaning providers. Take advantage of better rates and discounts for cleaning procedures like gutter cleaning or other domestic services. Maintaining them regularly ensures that you won’t find yourself in the middle of a thunderstorm with blocked gutters and a leaking roof.

Also, it is advised to have your furnace inspected – another task that should be done on a regular basis.

Make your sliding door slide again

You are using your doors more often in summer, so ensuring that they are opening and closing effortlessly is a good idea. To do that, use some kind of a degreaser or all-purpose cleaner, a couple of rags and a screwdriver. Spray the door tracks and leave it for 5 minutes. Once the dirt has softened, take the screwdriver and wrap it with a rag, wrap it well. Then, make movements back and forth across the track to get out the dirt stuck inside. In case you have to replace a whole door, check this out.

Let the air in your bathroom

In summer, make sure you are always leaving shower doors and curtains open so the shower walls can dry naturally – this way you will prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

Clean your beach essentials

You take care of your winter leather jacket, why wouldn’t you do the same with your swimwear and beach essentials? Rinse your suits with water immediately after you have used them – a quick rinse will remove all the saltwater, chlorine, sunscreen and body oils that give your swimwear an old and faded look over time. Get off as much sunscreen of the suits as possible as there is a chemical in its ingredients that reacts to many laundry detergents and can cause stains.

Your beach essentials like noodles, floaties and other beach toys should be cleaned too. You can trust to vinegar for cleaning them – pour some on a paper towel and wipe them. Vinegar works as a disinfectant and you will be sure that no chemicals are touching you or your kid’s skin.


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