Hacks for a Perfect Home Office – Functional, Productive, and Stylish

If you are one of the many people working from their homes, then you must understand the need for having your own working space. Designing a home office is not difficult at all, you just need a quiet room with plenty of available light, desk, comfortable chair, computer and storage solutions. Still, if you want to upgrade your office from a space where you spend your hours working waiting for the torment to end to a functional, productive and stylish room, you will have to invest a bit more effort and a lot of creativity. Not sure where to start? Here, we will help you with some great hacks and you will do the rest.

office organization tips

Organize the Wires and Cords

 No matter how you try to make your office tidy if the cords are messy and all over the place it will look bad. You can prevent that by stringing each of them through a binder clip clamped through your desk. Also, you can avoid the trouble of looking which wire is for what by using bread tabs as organizers. To make it even easier, you can color code the tabs.
Image 2 source: flickr.com

Image 2 source: flickr.com

Use Magazine Holder to Make a Corner Shelf

An office can never have enough storage, and you can make the most of the corners that are usually standing there with no clear purpose. Just turn the magazine holder on its side and mount it in the corner of your office, and you will get a shelf with small storage underneath.

Create a PVC Laptop Stand

A laptop can be easily heated if it runs for an entire day, and a stand will allow it to cool and work efficiently, but it can also serve as a great ergonomic tool. Make your own laptop stand by using nothing more than a few pieces of PVC pipe. Just twist them together and paint them in some vibrant color for a touch of style, and voila!

Improvise a Standing Desk

According to experienced people from JP Office Workstations standing desk can help you stretch, lower the chance of developing back pain and have a positive impact on your mood. Still, just as sitting for too long is bad for you, standing for the entire day is not much better. Can you have the best of both worlds? Yes. Leave one part of your standard desk untouched and on the other place a small bookshelf (face-down). When you feel like standing, just put your laptop on top of the shelf.

standing desk

Image 3 source: flickr.com (free to use and share)

Use Magnets to Organize Your Supplies

Pens, scissors, staplers and other similar supplies can easily disappear in the ton of on-the-desk items. Keep them organized and tidy by sticking a strip of magnetic tape on the wall above the desk, and beside the items containing metal, you can even hang paper notes, with a small help of paper clips.

Relaxed Means Productive

Depending on what you find soothing and relaxing, there are plenty of ways to create such features in your office. Here are some ideas, and you can use your creativity to think of new ones:

relaxing office

Image 4 source: flickr.com (free to use and share)

Add a bed – Did you know that a 10-minute siesta can boost your productivity and focus? That is why they call it a power nap. So, put a soft comfy bed in your office and take daily naps, not more than 15 minutes, though.

Bring the beach into the office – If you long for the beach every waking hour and you cannot seem to focus on your work, try to bring the beach to you to eliminate that problem. Put a sandbox inside your office and your desk in the middle of the sandbox, ditch your shoes and enjoy.

Have a relaxing nook – Create a nook to sit in when you start getting nervous about some chore. It can be a comfy armchair with a small bookshelf on the side, or a music station with headphones and your favorite songs.

Work it – Design one part of the office as a stretching/workout station. Put a simple bench, hang a poster with stretching exercises, place a set of weights on the side and, why not, even hang a punching bag, if that is what works for you.

These small and simple projects can turn your home office a place where you actually want to spend time in, where you will work efficiently and actually get things done, without too much stress.


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