5 Budget Friendly DIY Kitchen Remodeling Tips

diy kitchen home improvementsWhen you love to cook you’re bound to spend a whole lot of time in your kitchen, so it’s important to have a comfortable and beautiful space that inspires you. But if you aren’t in love with your kitchen, you may have considered a remodel more than once—and kitchen remodels aren’t cheap—starting from scratch requires a large budget.

At Modernize, we’re devoted to showing you that your home can have the look you love without breaking the bank. Continue reading for 5 budget friendly do-it-yourself kitchen remodeling tips.

Rehab Outdated Cabinets Through Refacing or Painting

Replacing kitchen cabinets can claim a large a part of your remodeling budget. If money is tight or you were hoping to splurge on something else, consider refacing or repainting your cabinets at a fraction of the cost. Refacing uses a thin veneer of real wood or plastic to cover the face of your outdated cabinets. If your cabinets are still in tip-top shape but no longer fit with the colors or design of your new kitchen, consider painting, which is significantly more budget-friendly than replacing or refacing.

Consider Buying Used or Floor Display Cabinets

If you are completely gutting your kitchen, refacing and repainting your cabinets may not be an option. However, buying new isn’t your only other choice. Consider buying used cabinets through stores like Habitat for Humanity Restore, which can then be spiffed up with paint or refacing. Another option to consider is getting to know the owners at smaller cabinet suppliers and buying floor display cabinets at deep discounts once the model is discontinued.

Know When to Splurge, Know When to Save

Before beginning your remodel, consider which items warrant spending a little extra cash. In general, you won’t need top-of-the-line appliances, but you will benefit from choosing at least moderately priced models. Tile or flooring is another product which is largely considered to be a splurge-worthy product. For many homeowners, the countertop becomes the focal point of the kitchen, requiring them to devote more of their budget to high-quality materials.

kitchen remodeling tipsPlan for Your Unique Needs

Every homeowner uses their kitchen a bit differently. If you cook three meals a day, you will need more food prep area than someone who is on the go a lot. If you love to entertain, your needs may be different from those of a small family who mostly eats in. Plan your kitchen around your needs, not what is trendy or cheap.

Be Flexible

Know your non-negotiables and then approach the rest of your plan with flexibility. You may find certain materials are less expensive or even discounted for a short period of time. If you are able to adjust your remodeling plan, you may able to significantly decrease the budget for your project or free up more cash to devote to your splurge-worthy items.

With a plan and budget in hand, you are on your way to turning your old, outdated kitchen into the space you have always dreamed of. In no time, you will be cooking meals for loved ones, entertaining, or whipping up a late night snack in a beautiful and comfortable space you created.

Article By Mary Sauer


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