Create a Storage Space By Maximizing the Space You Already Have

No matter how large your home may be, chances are, you could use some additional storage space. When it comes to adding storage space, if you aren’t careful, things can get expensive; however, rest assured that simple and inexpensive ways to add valuable space to home do exist. The number one way to go about adding storage space to your home is to maximize the exciting storage space that you already have. Check out the tips below to see how simple and inexpensive it is to add storage space to your home.

Tip #1: Under the Bed

Under the bed is an excellent place to store stuff. To help keep things organized under the bed, make sure you use storage containers to store your items. These types of containers can be purchased inexpensively and they come in several different sizes.

Tip #2: Making Your Own Storage Containers

Instead of purchasing containers, if you have an old dresser that you aren’t using, take the drawers out and put wheels on them. They will make for great storage, and better yet, this will be less expensive than purchasing storage containers.

Tip #3: Use Wicker Baskets

At one time, wicker baskets were placed in homes as a type of interior decoration; however, over time, it has been discovered that they make for great storage containers. Not only are they great for storage, they also keep a room looking neat and organized.

Tip #4: Tiered Hanging Baskets

When you run out of horizontal room to store items, start storing them vertically. A great way to go about doing this is by using tiered hanging baskets. These types of baskets are available in an assortment of materials, allowing you purchase ones that are extremely durable, meaning you can store heavy items in them if you choose.

Tip #5: Stackable Boxes

Stackable boxes are extremely inexpensive to purchase. These types of boxes tend to be made out of cardboard, so you can’t store heavy items in them, but they are great for Christmas decorations, birthday cards, etc.

Tip #6: Use Pallet Racking

Pallet racking is great to use in the garage. You can store heavy items on the racks, and for a more eye appealing look, you can paint the racking any color of your choosing.

Tip #7: Shoe Rack

To maximize the space in your closet, make sure your shoes are organized. A great way to store your shoes is by placing them on a shoe rack. Shoe racks can also be used in your foyer, or whichever room you take your shoes off in. They work not only as a great storage space but make your shoe storage space approachable.

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