5 Landscaping Myths to Watch Out For

The outside of your home is your home’s first impression so it’s important to do it right. One of the best ways to show that you take pride in your home is by properly landscaping your yard.

Another great thing about landscaping is that it brings the value of your home up. It does cost a great deal of money to get your lawn and yard in great shape, but once you have continued with it for about 5 years, you will get nearly 100% of your investment back in market value.

So, not only do you get to enjoy a fantastic home exterior, if you choose to sell, you can also get a fantastic price! Now, you can choose to hire a professional landscaper or you can make it a do it yourself job. The latter is more fun and much more rewarding. However, if you are not experienced in landscaping you may run into some bad information. Keep reading so you are able to identify some of the most common landscaping myths – and avoid them!

Myth #1: Mowing Grass Shorter Means Mowing Less Often

This is perhaps the most repeated landscaping myth ever and this is why; whey you put your lawn mower adjustment to a shorter than necessary setting you are taking away the grasses ability to make sugar through the process of photosynthesis. This exposes the roots to too much sun and lets weeds that are buried under the grass get too much sun.

This makes the weeds grow faster than the grass. Plus, with too much cutting comes brown patches. The brown patches are a result of not enough sugar production and an excessive need for water. Too much watering of a lawn that is already weakened by lack of sugar can put an end to your beautiful lawn. So, in the case of lawn mowing, less is definitely more!

Myth #2: Watering in the Evening Conserves Water

If you think that waiting to water your lawn until after the sun goes to bed because it conserves water than you have been severely misinformed. There is no difference between water conservation during the day and during the evening. There is a difference however about how your lawn will be affected.

By watering without the rays of the sun present, the water will simply sit on top of your grass instead of soaking in like it would with the aid of the warm sun. This will cause disease and fungus to thrive and you may end up having to tear out your lawn and plant new seeds. In general, lawns only need about an inch of water per week to thrive. Just a nice damp coat in the afternoon is typically enough to keep it healthy and beautiful.

If water conservation is something that you are concerned with, some better ways to contribute to the cause would be hand washing dishes instead of using a dishwasher, taking shorter showers or installing toilets with the low flow feature.

Myth #3: Any Landscaping is Good Landscaping

While this may sound like sound advice it is anything but. Many people think that adorning their yards through landscaping techniques is good no matter what. However, a common mistake made by people with this mind set tend to plant trees and plants in the wrong areas such as too close to the house. Trees that are too close to your living structure invite critters into attics and roof spaces.

This can cause a whole host of issues that you do not want to deal with. In order to be a successful do it yourself landscaper you will have to gain some knowledge about the geography of your property and the area you live in, in general so you can stop any issues before they have the chance to begin.

Myth #4: All Landscapes Need to Include a Lawn

When we think of landscaping we automatically think of green, lush grass. While this is one way to landscape it is not the only way. Having a lawn is more of a fad than a landscaping must. The truth is that you can have a landscape that everyone envies without having a lawn. Grassless landscaping is becoming more and more popular these days. How is this done you may ask? The answer is with rocks, mulch, plants, tress, ponds and ornamental grasses. Not only can this look fantastic on some pieces of property, it also requires less maintenance.

In fact, according to some popular landscaping companies, lawn care landscaping makes up only a third of all services. This really goes to show how much lawns are taking a back seat to the landscaping business.

Myth #5: I Need to Hire a Professional

Even though landscaping can be quite technical it does not take a professional to get the job done. Sure it may take more effort on your part if you are a common homeowner, but it is not impossible to create a beautiful landscape that you can be proud off. Some people choose to hire a landscaper just for the start of the process. Once they see how it is done they pick up the job themselves so they are responsible for the upkeep. All it really takes is a bit of effort on the homeowner’s part and they can take the credit for a job well done!

If you keep all of these things in mind, you too can change your plain yard and turn it into something you can be proud off. And any job you do yourself is one that is worthy of pride!

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