Storage Solutions: Create More Space!

Ideally you want your bedroom to be a peaceful haven where you can relax and forget about the stresses of the day. Unfortunately most of us have bedrooms where this is anything but how they are. Often there is a pile of dirty laundry on the floor waiting to be collected, our drawers and wardrobes are bursting at the seams because the contents are so disorganized and we just collapse into bed, close our eyes and ignore it all, again. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Though your bedroom may be at bursting point from the amount of things you have stored in there, you are probably missing a storage trick or two that could make things much better.

The Space Under the Bed

Believe it or not the average king sized bed takes up 42 square feet of space, and that is a lot of under bed storage. Invest in some under bed containers and take some of the pressure off your wardrobe by storing all of the big bulky items such as sweaters and such like under the bed. Make it seasonal, part way through spring put all of the winter clothes away under the bed to leave room for your summer clothes, and then do the same when autumn comes, switch them over.

Kid Friendly Storage

Kids are more likely to co-operate in keeping things tidy if you install some fun storage options in their rooms. Storage chests that double as seats are great for hiding away their extra blankets or soft toys. Children cope better with having to put things into baskets rather than having to hang things up or fold away in drawers, and having different baskets for different items gets them into the habit of having some kind of structured storage system and enables them to develop their organisational skills.

Vertical Storage

If you live in a house which has wonderful high ceilings, you should be thinking less about floor space for your storage and more about getting vertical. Sets of tall but deep shelves could solve a lot of storage issues, especially for the things that you don’t need to get access to all of the time such as spare duvets, suitcases and out of season clothing. Make the use of recesses to avoid eating into the space of the room itself, shelving that you build into recessed areas can also be shut away behind doors to keep things from view.

Make Your Storage Space More Accessible

Many people don’t use their attic space for storage as they find it difficult to access, there is generally only the one access hatch on a small landing, so why not add another, larger access hatch in the ceiling of one of your bedrooms? Include a drop down ladder in your design and you not only have a more viable access point you also have more room to manoeuvre. Place it in a spare bedroom if you have one and there is no danger of the kids being worried about monsters in the attic either.

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