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Simply put, maintenance around the house is too important to overlook. Would you not replace the oil filter on car? An air filter is just as important for your home. And while some of these tasks are best left to professionals, there are plenty that are very simple and take only a few minutes to complete. In the long run you will be saving money from fewer service calls for repairs and better energy efficiency. And don’t forget the added safety and comfort of having a fully functional home.

Aside from home care, there are other features we offer to provide you with a more holistic experience. The project function helps you to plan and budget for any home improvements. Planning always helps to reduce the chances of problems or surprise costs. And the note feature helps you to keep helpful reminders stored in your profile, like paint colors. You can also upload manuals for your appliances for later reference or create a home report when it comes time to sell your house. This report includes your custom maintenance schedule, home improvements, and notes you’ve recorded for a seamless transition to the new homeowner.

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